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A little boy wearing the "Always looking for glitches" t-shirt.

Keep gaming real life – Exploring all the glitches!

Life is so interesting, as long as we stay curious! This one goes out to the ones exploring real life like a computer game. In games, we try everything. We are not afraid. We see an obstacle only where we have already hit it hard. And we trust that there will always be another extra […]
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Shave the Earth! Wait, What?

No who fucked up the copy, here? This seems to be way more important than any other crisis could possibly be. Spelling bees to the rescue! And then, once that is solved, we can go ahead and shave the whales. Promised. Errr… na, saving the world, the planet, the future generation, that’s fine, too! On […]
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man wearing the mixtape for love t-shirt

Mixtapes for love!

Remember the old days when a mixtape was a labour of love? Assembling your favourite songs on a cassette tape one by one? All excited when handing the lovingly decorated collection of music to your crazily loved one? How sad, when all this got turned into tape salad on a hot day in the car! […]
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Backpacker wearing the SASQUATCH shirt in a forrest.

SASQUATCH! What’s that?

Nature lovers, hikers, knowledge seekers: You know that sound? When you walk through the forrest and you keep hearing this sasquatch, sasquatch, sasquatch in the distance? Ever wondered what that was? Well, good thing you only heard it from the distance! SASQUATCH from nearby is quite scary! Turns out, this is exactly the sound squishy […]
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ALOHA HULA MELE UKULELE design on a tank top.

Aloha Hula Mele Ukulele

Here comes the sun! And summer! And beach fun! Bring your ukulele, your rythm and your swing! Get the party started. I think nothing beats the nice and gentle sounds of a happy string instrument on a refreshing evening breeze by the sea. Palmtrees swaying. People chatting and having fun. That’s truly a way of […]
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Yehaaaa, coffee! Design on a t-shirt for coffee addicts!

Coffee! Jumping right in!

No better way to wake up! Jump right into a nice, hot, scalding cup of coffee. And don’t worry: The burning sensation on your butt stops the moment your head goes under. This design features a punk aestetic while also being such a clean design that it goes with absolutely everything. The colors are as […]
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What are you looking at, purrvert? Girl wearing a funny cat t-shirt. Awkward style.

Attention cat lovers: Another awkward moment!

Stop looking, purrvert! Or I will stare back! You need a cat t-shirt. That’s just a fact. For yourself and everyone around you. Do you have a cat? Or a dog? Which one you like better? Does it matter? Did anyone want to know? Why are you talking to me? And: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING […]
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