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Attention cat lovers: Another awkward moment!

Stop looking, purrvert! Or I will stare back!

You need a cat t-shirt. That’s just a fact. For yourself and everyone around you. Do you have a cat? Or a dog? Which one you like better? Does it matter? Did anyone want to know? Why are you talking to me? And: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???

Cats are such lovely creatures but undoubtedly also the kings and queens of awkward. And absolute psychos!

How much cat is in you?

If you caught yourself thinking »Oh, that could be me«, don’t worry. Truth is, life is quite a bit more worth living if people are not perfect.

This cat might look awkward, caught in the moment like this. But you also know that the same cat can look absolutely devine a minute later. And everybody immediately sees it as a purrfect creature. One moment of strangeness does not define our lives. Life goes on. Someone surprised you, caught you in the act (whichever act that is)? Look them square in the eye and be the stronger one. Awkward moments are always the fault of the one who is looking, not the one who is being looked at!

What are your thoughts on this design? How do you interprete it? How does it match with your personality? Let me know in the comments!

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