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Special Shirt Designs!

You want to get something a little besides the norm? A little special? You have come to the right place! See what I have for you!
man wearing the mixtape for love t-shirt

Mixtapes for love!

Remember the old days when a mixtape was a labour of love? Assembling your favourite songs on a cassette tape one by one? All excited when handing the lovingly decorated [...]
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Backpacker wearing the SASQUATCH shirt in a forrest.

SASQUATCH! What’s that?

Nature lovers, hikers, knowledge seekers: You know that sound? When you walk through the forrest and you keep hearing this sasquatch, sasquatch, sasquatch in the distance? Ever wondered what that [...]
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ALOHA HULA MELE UKULELE design on a tank top.

Aloha Hula Mele Ukulele

Here comes the sun! And summer! And beach fun! Bring your ukulele, your rythm and your swing! Get the party started. I think nothing beats the nice and gentle sounds [...]
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Yehaaaa, coffee! Design on a t-shirt for coffee addicts!

Coffee! Jumping right in!

No better way to wake up! Jump right into a nice, hot, scalding cup of coffee. And don’t worry: The burning sensation on your butt stops the moment your head [...]
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